Taylor Swift Reportedly Wants to ‘Set Down Roots’ and Buy a $42M House Near Joe Alwyn in North London

Taylor Swift, the pop star and very secretive girlfriend of British actor Joe Alwyn, is ready to commit! To England full-time, that is. The Sun’s Dan Wootton—the guy who broke the news the two were secretly dating last May—reports that Swift is looking for a North London house to make her home base. Alwyn and his family live in North London’s Crouch End; Swift would like to be near that and the countryside near Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, outside of the city. (Soho Farmhouse, by the way, is where Meghan Markle had her swanky bridal shower.)

“Taylor loves the UK and how she can live a relatively normal life without being disturbed, » the source said. The Sun previously reported that Swift went undetected in disguises around the city. “Setting down roots is something she’s thought long and hard about. She’s set aside £30 million ($42 million) to find the house of her dreams, which she hopes to one day settle down in with Joe if their relationship continues to grow. »

The leading requirement for this house is that it has multiple kitchens. “Two mega kitchens are an absolute requirement as she wants one near her entertaining area to be kept clean, » the source continued. This is because Swift loves cooking oh-so much. Her passion for it is so intense, Alwyn reportedly calls her his « feeder, » per The Sun.

This isn’t Swift’s only property, of course. Swift has a penthouse apartment in New York City, a Beverly Hills house that’s also a historic landmark, the Rhode Island beach house where she throws her Fourth of July parties, and a penthouse apartment in Nashville (plus a house there, too).

Previously, Swift rented a home in London, then started staying at Alwyn’s so much that his friends joked « it’s as if she’s moved in with him, » a source told The Sun earlier this year.

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